Friday, February 13, 2015

Girl Scout Cookie Thank You Photos

***Updated with Year Three photo!  See below.***

My daughter's first year in Girl Scouts, the troop leaders suggested these Thank You photos to hand out with cookie orders.

2013 Girl Scout Cookie Thank You photo

The troop leaders helped the girls set up the letters on the floor and then they all took their turn as the "Y" on the floor.  I added the "for supporting Girl Scouts!" in Photoshop. 

For year two, the troop didn't do anything, so we made up our own.

2014 Girl Scout Cookie Thank You photo
We had gotten a lot of snow that winter, so snow angels were on our minds.  *No cookies were harmed in the making of this photo.*

For year three, we had a had time deciding.  My daughter wanted to just hold a box of Thanks-a-Lots and have the text say "Thanks-a-lot for supporting Girl Scouts!"  I thought that sounded boring, so we kept the text and instead of one box, made her hold a big pile of cookies with Thanks-a-Lots on top.
2015 Girl Scout Cookie Thank You photo

I hope our ideas help your Girl Scout grow her cookie business!  If you have a great thank you photo idea, please share it in the comments.

We should probably start now to come up with something for year four...

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