Monday, July 7, 2014

Half Birthday Cakes

I think it was when my daughter was three and a half years old, we decided to start celebrating half birthdays. By that point, she was making sure everyone knew she was two and a half versus three versus three AND A HALF. So, we decided to start a family tradition of marking the occasion.  We make a half cake and sing "Happy Half Birthday to you..." and blow out # and a half candles.  No presents. As much as my daughter begs, we don't give gifts.

First of all, I usually make a whole cake and then just cut it in half.  And for the candles, we just shove one of them farther down into the cake.

So, here are a few of the half birthday cakes I have made over the years for my son and daughter.
The Giant Cupcake has made several appearances over the years on half birthdays. 

I have also made a round or square layer cake and then cut it in half and stacked it up to make a half cake that is twice as tall.  My son likes sprinkles.  Can you tell?

My daughter requested a cheesecake one year.

And the Giant Chocolate Donut is always popular.

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