Friday, February 7, 2014

Fuse Bead Princesses

After a full week of snow days from school, we finally got out the fuse beads today.  All of the princesses are based on photos we found online.  My daughter came up with the pets on her own.  

Pascal - the chameleon from "Tangled"
Clover - the rabbit from "Sofia the First" and a carrot for him.
Pascal, Clover, and a carrot before melting

Rapunzel was done a month or two ago.  She is based on an awesome photo we found online.  That one had various shades of yellow/golden hair.  We weren't that ambitious.  We added her friend Pascal today.

Merida from "Brave" and Cinderella and her mouse friend Gus before melting.

Sleeping Beauty and Sophia the First before melting.

Snow White and Jasmine before melting.

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