Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scratch Off Tickets

I came across this on Pinterest a while back and then this more recently. When I saw the first one, I thought "DIY scratch off tickets?!? No freaking way! I must do this!!!" But then I had to wait until the right project came along. And I found it.

Each year, I coordinate a weeklong employee appreciation event at my work. And this will be the third year in a row that I will have people play "Minute To Win It" games for fun and prizes. In previous years, people would choose their challenge by pulling a folded up paper from a jar. That was just not going to cut it this year.

Scratch off tickets, here we come!

Something to use as tickets
Clear packing tape
Acrylic paint in any color, I chose silver
Liquid dishwashing soap, I used Dawn

The first thing I did was decide what was going on the tickets and got those printed out.  I made mine in Excel, nine to a page.  I printed them and cut them out, then cut out a slightly larger piece of colored paper to glue on the back, but don't glue it yet.

Next, I pulled a long piece of packing tape from the roll and laid it sticky-side-up on my desk.  Then, I placed each ticket along the edge of the tape so that the tape covers the part I want to scratch off.  I trimmed the tape to the edge of each ticket then took an old gift card and ran it over the tape on the front of the ticket to really get the tape smashed down.

Now, get the slightly larger backing paper and glue it to the back.

Following the instructions from the other blogs, I mixed one part acrylic paint to one part dishwashing liquid.
Stir together slowly, so as not to generate too many bubbles.

Now, it is time to paint.

Mine really beaded up after a few seconds.  I let it dry for a while, but not completely, then painted it again which added more paint, but also spread out the first paint evenly again.

Now, let it dry completely.  Then paint over it another time or two until the area is completely covered.

After it is completely dry, you are ready to go.  Grab a coin and scratch it off!

We also have a few employees that work for us from offices in other cities.  Since they couldn't be there in person to play Minute To Win It games, I sent them a scratch off card of appreciation.  Same process, different words.

Decide what you want to say and print it out.

Cut the cards.  Put the packing tape over the area to be painted.  Glue the backing paper on.

Paint.  Paint again.  Let it dry.

Ready to scratch off!  Enjoy!

A few other ideas I came across while researching this idea were Save The Date cards for weddings, a gender reveal announcement during pregnancy, Valentine Cards, reward cards for children with what prize they earn underneath.  The possibilities are endless.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!

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