Thursday, April 19, 2012

Key Sweaters

I found this idea on Pinterest and fell in love. Not only do I have a fondness for sweaters, but I adore all things tiny.

However, the original pin was just a photo, not a pattern. My friend Tamra also loved the key sweater and said she would find me a pattern if I agreed to knit one (or ten) for her. Deal!

She found this blog for me that had a pattern for Cozy Keys and I was off and running ... err, knitting.

My first attempt turned out the wrong size and shape, so I made a few modifications.
My son wearing my first attempt - I just added a face and hair.
My version goes something like this:
CO 12 sts, distribute evenly on 3 DPNs (size 0) and begin working in the round.
Row 1:  K2, kfb, repeat around
Row 2-3:  Knit
Row 4:  K6, kfb, kfb, repeat
Row 5:  Knit
Row 6:  K8, kfb, kfb, repeat

Row 7:  Knit
Row 8:  K10, kfb, kfb, repeat (28 sts)
Row 9:  K2, P2, K2, P2, slip 6 to cable needle, repeat
Row 10-12:  K2, P2, repeat around
Bind off.

Sleeves (same process for both):
K6 from cable needle in the round
Knit 6 sts for 4 rows.
Bind off.

Now my desk key is nice and warm in my cold office and Tamra was repaid with these cuties.

I made the one in the top picture with some fun shiny yarn that is sport weight.

Enjoy making yours!  I would love to see them.  Come back when you are finished and post a link to a photo of yours.

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